Susannah Herbert’s new National Poetry Day resolution is to acknowledge poetry as less of a ‘precious endangered superfood, somewhere between a vitamin pill and a rare flower’, and more like ‘life-forms that will survive nuclear holocaust: jellyfish, cockroaches, Millwall fans’. Her resolution is provoked by a line in the film The Big Short,

“Truth is like poetry. And most people f***ing hate poetry”

You can read the rest of this wonderfully expressed article here.

And she’s right, poetry is a resilient life-form that is constantly evolving, that’s why at Nottingham Festival of Literature we’re so excited for the Make & Mash: Lit-Game Jam and Print/Screen Exhibition at The National Videogame Arcade. Poet in-residence Abigail Parry and game-poetry PhD researcher Jon Stone have put together a free creative writing with game creation session for 16-24 year olds and a free exhibition exploring the potential for literary videogaming, of mixing Shakespeare and space shooters, tercets and text adventures, to create new hybrid artefacts that read and play in new and unexpected ways.

Register your places for the creative writing and game creation session here, and the Print/Screen exhibition here!

The National Videogame Arcade’s Poet-in-Residence, Abigail Parry. Abigail is an award-winning poet with a penchant for games, monsters and puzzles. She studied gaming and play in contemporary poetry for her PhD, while making and selling circus toys on the festival circuit.

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