“Bringing down the wall – what to do about disability representation in literature” – Katharine Quarmby


At the Nottingham Festival of Literature, Katharine Quarmby gave a Festival Address on the representation of disability in literature, drawing on research conducted on literature, art and representation from her first book Scapegoat: Why We Are Failing Disabled People.

We’re especially excited to be able to share four podcasts of this speech, you can listen below or you can read the transcript here.

In Part One Katharine looks at classical representations of disability.

In Part Two she looks at representations from medieval times up till the present day.

Part Three offers some of the theories of representation and how they can be applied to disabled characters and themes around disability.

The final part looks at controversies surrounding cultural appropriation, the way forward for criplit, identity politics, and in it Katharine suggests some interesting texts.


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Katharine Quarmby Twitter: @KatharineQ


Katharine Quarmby, Scapegoat: Why We Are Failing Disabled People

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