“VPoint TV is proud to be official Media Partner to Nottingham Festival of Literature and are delighted to be part of Nottingham’s celebration of its UNESCO City of Literature Status.

VPoint TV is long-standing member of Nottingham’s creative community, producing award-winning videos for regional businesses and organisations since 1987.

As story-tellers who use video as a medium, the VPoint TV team values words as much as pictures.

A small business that recruits its creative team from local graduates, it has a keen interest in helping young people discover the joys of good quality literature.

Nottingham Festival of Literature will help inspire local young people and students, some of whom will go on to contribute high level writing skills to the local creative and media industries.

VPoint TV is honoured to play a small role in supporting the distinguished literary heritage of the city.”


Sally Reynolds, Director, VPoint TV Ltd

[email protected]

0115 969 3636


VPoint TV