‘The Quiet One’

Amit Chaudhuri, Nottingham and D.H. Lawrence

Words by Shreya Sen Handley.

If the cream of Indian literary talent – Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh, Arundhati Roy and more – formed a Magnificent Seven, Amit Chaudhuri would be the Quiet One.

His novels and essays are graceful, gentle, laid back and quietly humorous like the stories he tells in person. His first novel A Strange and Sublime Address too stepped into the world softly twenty-five years ago. But if its arrival was greeted with greater fanfare in England than in India initially, it wasn’t long before his many marvellous stories had brought him worldwide acclaim.

This weekend he is in Nottingham for the first time to explore one of his strongest ties to England – the connection he feels with the down-to-earth, gritty and yet life-affirming storytelling of D.H. Lawrence.

Like Lawrence, Amit tells stories that are universal in the subjects they deal with and easy to identify with for anyone, anywhere in the world. Not for him epic sagas of the partition of the Indian sub-continent or the struggles with caste, his stories are of a smaller, more intimate, everyday world. And in Nottingham this Saturday in An Evening With Amit Chaudhuri in the Grand Jury Room inside the Galleries of Justice Museum, 7.30 – 9.30pm, he hopes to have a natter with us all about the much-loved (by him, as well as us) D.H. Lawrence and the many small and wonderful ways in which we are all connected.

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